Eating Vegan on a budget, abroad or at home.

Being a student, my debit card cries every time the fridge appears empty. When abroad, the same applies. Eating out can prove extremely expensive, especially as I stayed at a hotel where only breakfast was included. I found myself absolutely stuffing myself with the fruit buffet in the morning just so that I didn’t have to spend money at lunch time. My plan did not … Continue reading Eating Vegan on a budget, abroad or at home.

Vegano Italia – Venice

Venice, a place of romance, the arts and exquisite food. Before arriving I did what any standard vegan would do and researched which restaurants would facilitate dishes to our plant loving requirements. There appeared to be only two businesses, Bio Sound System in Lido and Restaurante Pinzimonio in Mestre. They were both certified Vegan ok. However, I was determined to find more places within Mestre that … Continue reading Vegano Italia – Venice