Vegano Italia – Venice

Venice, a place of romance, the arts and exquisite food. Before arriving I did what any standard vegan would do and researched which restaurants would facilitate dishes to our plant loving requirements. There appeared to be only two businesses, Bio Sound System in Lido and Restaurante Pinzimonio in Mestre. They were both certified Vegan ok. However, I was determined to find more places within Mestre that we and other vegans could eat at..including finding the best vegan gelato & pizza!

 Restaurante Pinzimonio:

With a 4.9* star rating this restaurant cannot be missed when visiting Italy. The owner, Isabella, has obviously put her heart and soul into every dish, continuously experimenting with ingredients and creating artistic dishes that are all healthy, fresh and vegan! (Even the desserts!)   

This was September’s new menu. Looking at it, you’ll see why it was hard to choose which dish I wanted to try, really not helpful when you are as indecisive as I am.

This was my main course, a raw mixed salad with sprouts and fruit in season, on a nut crumble, and drizzled with soya sauce. It was actually found on the starter menu but I liked the sound of it so much I asked them to make a bigger dish for me! It had a very distinct taste to it which I couldn’t make out at first. I definitely knew the flavour but it was just not the usual taste you’d find in a salad, or any food dish at that! Eventually the poignant flavour was recogniseable – lavender! And it worked so well!

My mum had chosen the Vegetable tempura with seitan and vegan dipping sauce.

Most definitely the healthiest battered vegetables I have ever tried! Not oily at all yet super crunchy! Was rather glad Mum didn’t mind sharing.

And I’ve left the best till last.. Dessert! Isabella had told us the dessert was sugar free and had been made from avocados, agave nectar, coconut flour and chia seeds among other healthy ingredients. It was a raw chocolate mousse on top of a coconut sponge biscuit, with a kick! The mousse was topped with a little cayenne pepper which enhanced the smooth dark chocolate taste. Beautiful! If only it lasted longer..

I have made a small list of helpful words and phrases in Italian that may be useful when enquiring about food items. Words to stay away from:

Uovo – egg

Latte – milk

Lattosio – Lactose
Burro – Butter

Handy words:

Vegano/ Vegana – Vegan

Latte di soia – soya milk

Senza latte – without milk

Cappuccino con latte di soia – cappuccino with soya milk

Senza – without

Con – with
Gelatos (Ice cream!)

When you travel to Italy you are obviously going to want to try the ice cream. In the UK your normal ice cream options would be a lemon sorbet and.. Well that’s pretty much it. Most of the gelato bars have a range of sorbets to choose from, generally all fruit and super tasty. I found three bars that serve vegan dark chocolate ice cream which looked amazing! The vegan flavours I found were:





Dark Chocolate




Generally all with at least 50% real fruit, healthy sorbet, not bad at all!

If you were so lucky to come across a vegan croissant in Italy, TAKE IT AND RUN. Then go back for more.

I found my first ‘Brioche Vegana Salata’ in a cafe within the main shopping centre in Mestre. For only €2 if was definitely worth a try and I’m so glad I did! After researching I found the company that made these croissants – ‘Delifrance’. However, I found it difficult to actually have the option to buy them online. These croissants are made with Quinoa flour, so have a lovely nutty texture as well as being gluten free..result!


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