Maloko..Camberwell Creperie!

I now begin a fresh start in my new room in Camberwell Green, London. A beautiful area surrounded by Georgian houses, and creative vibes. What better way to get a feel for the area than to explore what the locals have to offer. Within two minutes of walking down the road I am greeted by a quirky art cafe

a menu that offers vegan dishes! Being the curious foodie I am, the menu was calling to be tried.  


A juice could not go a miss, especially when there was a pear, ginger and lemon on offer! Simplistic yet so so tasty. Very soothing and refreshing before our main meal. The gallettes bases are all vegan and gluten free made using gram and buckwheat flour. Nutty yet spongy textured crepe filled with any choice of fillings! I went for the ‘Vegan Route’- A filling containing mushrooms, sweet potato, asparagus and sweet peppers mixed into a vegan base of tahini, chickpeas and fresh herbs from their garden! So fresh! All galettes are presented with side serving of a raw carrot, beetroot, fresh spinach and bean shoot salad.


Unfortunately the dessert crepes are not vegan but the chef was so kind to make us a savoury-sweet crepe using the gram and buckwheat base crepe filled with coconut cream, pears, apples and homemade granola. The coconut was very subtle and pears very warming, a lovely light dessert to finish the evening.


However we couldn’t leave without a soya cappuccino! Hot, creamy and foamy..beautiful! Thoroughly enjoyed the evening at Maloko. A must try when visiting Camberwell.



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  1. Sounds really interesting and nice Sophia
    The food pictures look fabulous x


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