New product alert! How do you like your eggs in the morning? Vegan! 

Boiled? Fried? Well we usually don’t have a say in the matter unless we reach out for the tofu! I’m sure we have all heard of ‘Vegg’ and other egg replacers that act as a substitute for eggs in baking but we haven’t yet had one that actually tastes and looks remotely similar. 

To get my eggy kick I’ve found sulphur water to be the closest tasting to eggs, followed by scrambled tofu mixed with turmeric and spices. But hold up there’s a new product hitting the shelves! 

From the makers of ‘Vegenaise’ and   Organic dressings and sauces, Follow your heart are soon to be introducing ‘The Vegan egg’. This egg is 100% Vegan, gluten free, Kosher, cholesterol free and no gmo! (Wow that was a mouthful) In comparison to the Chicken egg, they prove to be healthier for the body, environment and animals. Chicken eggs are known to be high in cholesterol and have a detrimental effect on the planet due to mass use of land resources. I think there’s a misconception of people building a relationship between ‘organic’/’free range’ to being ‘cruelty free’ – in which they are sadly mistaken. Although this may not be the case on every free range farm, the large majority still use mutilation of chicks and cram them in confined spaces.  Even ‘free range eggs’ involve killing the male chicks to prevent a loss of profits due to it being more expensive to raise the males than to kill. They are simply seen as a liability when they start eating into the farms profits. Money once again takes priority over the life of an animal. Boo. 👎🏻 (You can find out more on this matter on Peta‘s webpage.

So let’s keep the real eggs hatching into cute-yellow-fluff-balls of life and start chowing down on some Vegan egg!👍🏻🐣 Turns out the ingredient that makes it taste like egg is black salt! That’s a new one to me! 

They will start shipping at the end of October, available to purchase online from several retailers (I believe Amazon is one!). As soon as I get my hands on one I’ll keep you posted with feedback! Eggcelent! (I had to crack a joke in there somewhere;) 


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