Being Creative with Nature

  Check out these bars bursting with fruitiness! Creative Nature have released three new fruit bars that are free from gluten, wheat, dairy, soya and gmo.  I was lucky enough to test them out at Vegfest London this year and absolutely fell in love with the tropical treat bar. I’m a massive ginger fan but can never quite find a treat that has that ginger kick, always too mild for my liking. These ginger ninjas give a mighty vit-kick being cold pressed and full of natural ingredients. These include barley grass, ginger, coconut & pineapple – being the ultimate detox dream!  

The selection of flavours available are tropical treat,  blissful berry and pineapple. They currently stock boxes of these bars, as well as Heavenly cacao and sublime seeds online, reduced! (I’m already filling my virtual basket!)


If you’re a super foodie like myself, it’s also good to know that their range extends to protein powders, cacao nibs and superfood powders including maca and cacao! I find these great for toppings on porridge, in smoothies and baking. The stock lists include ocado, tescos and planet organic – but also offer delivery and is free over certain spends! 

I will be posting up my new recipe site soon which will include loads of easy ways to include these superfoods and all the right nutrition for vegans in their diets. Watch this space!  



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