Another Mildred’s! 

This longstanding vegetarian restaurant is set to open another store! For those that haven’t experienced the delectable dishes from Mildred’s kitchen, they offer a range of plant based foods that prove extremely popular with the vegan community. 

I can vouch for the superb quality of the food, however some may review the service as being a tad rude. (I found this also to be true unfortunately.) The menu doesn’t change often, though there’s enough on there to keep you as indecisive as I am when ordering. 

 They are currently based in Soho and set to lay their knives and forks down in a new location..Camden! I find this extremely exciting as Camden is becoming the local ‘hangout’ for Vegans now with places such as Cookies and Scream, Inspiral cafe and many vegan street food stalls. (And it’s just a totally cool place to be!) 

The opening of the store will be 11th November and intend to have a ‘soft launch’ to enable the team to get to grips with new equipment and surroundings. Therefore they will be offering 50% off anything on the menu! Guys if you haven’t tried this plant powered deliciousness, nows your chance!  

(Vegan Coconut Panna cotta drowned in a bath of salted caramel and expresso sauce) 

What’s your thoughts on the new opening? Excited?  



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