Omm.. Yoga! 

Last weekend London hosted the Om Yoga show at Alexandra Palace, a different location from last years Olympia (making it seem rather confusing trying to make my way through the maze of stalls!) But such a beautiful place to visit with all the same good vibes! With free yoga on offer, live performances, workshops, music and lots of stall holders offering clothes and food it really was a no brainier when purchasing a ticket.

I was quite intrigued to find some vegan products that I hadn’t seen at the recent Vegfest this year. Of course there was our old favourites such as Nakd bars, Creative nature, Ombar, Conscious and Global fusion, but a few new products are starting to hit the shelves..

Now we all love coconuts and I couldn’t help but catch my eye on these bad boys! The lovely guys behind Coconut Merchant were offering a range of vegan foods that are truly yummy. I’ve seen their products online before but never been able to taste in the flesh. (This is what I love about exhibitions – try before you buy, or in my case try, try some more, then have your purse rinsed from all the amazing deals!) From Coconut jams to chips, syrups and spreads these dudes really were nuts for coconuts and I sure wouldn’t want to change that. I particularly enjoyed the coconut jam and chips – they can be enjoyed with just about any dish or straight from the jar! (Spoons at the ready..) 

We didn’t see Love your blender at Vegfest this year but I was over the moon to see them at the Om show. Ruth looking as glowing as ever (it’s definitely down to the smoothies) and sharing their brilliant superfood blends to all us health foodies. (Review up soon!)     
OMG TEA! No really OMGtea. If you think you know Matcha powder well the lovely founder, Katherine, pretty much lives and breathes the stuff (metaphorically speaking, she doesn’t actually snort it.)  it’s cheaper than tea pigs, you get more for your money and guess what.. It’s the exact same quality! Matcha is green tea but in a raw powdered form enabling you to gain all of the health benefits without disgarding anything (it’s a little more complex but we’ll stick with the simple stuff). Green matcha is known to be a great metabolism booster has anti-ageing properties, disease fighting and holds tonnes of antioxidants. Losing weight,  just being generally healthy, this is a must have in your cupboard. 

Now we have heard of Provamel, but have you heard of their new Nut milks? *drum roll please* The new Cashew and macadamia milks will be hitting Waitrose soon! If you’ve tried these nuts before you’ll know they are creamiest textures of the bunch, therefore, making the creamiest milks. Naturally. I will be doing a full review on the products soon after experimenting with them in different drinks and food recipes. 


Shopping is my weakness however a strength at the same time. Especially when I catch my eye on beautiful items such as those from ‘Moonchild yoga wear’. This brand left me starstruck. The materials are of the highest quality, (so soft!) and the designs so simple yet unique. No brand names plastered across the clothes just stunning symbols subtly placed amongst the pastel, fairy like fabric. Made in Denmark and unfortunately not available in UK store but can be ordered online. 

I just want to drink coffee, save Animals and do yoga. 

Sound familiar? Well yes you couldn’t get a closer description to me and my lifestyle than this. The stunning ladies at Yattire & My Mantra Active Wear were able to offer me this tshirt at only five pounds. And if I had the money I would’ve bought out the rest of their collection. With quirky quotes and eye catching designs this brand is one to watch out for!  


I didn’t go to the show just for the food and clothes , I am indeed a Yogi. My mum is a yoga instructor so I have been her Guinea pig for the past 6 years as well as enjoying numerous classes with the wonderful people at Yoga Dharma. And this is how I met Abi! Abi Mills was the face of Om Yoga Magazine for this show and it was truly great to see her growing as an instructor and looking beautiful as always. She is now promoting her new DVD ‘

Yoga for Seniors’ which is great for those who want to enjoy yoga from the comfort of their own homes.  

I even managed to sneak in a few photoshoots with Om Yoga Magazine
(a great read) and Fierce Grace who has numerous studios across London and talented instructors. I’ll let you all know how my first complementary class with them goes, exciting!  

A great find for students or people who can’t always attend yoga sessions was a company called Yoogia. It’s the first live online yoga studio in the world – so basically you do a yoga class in your home but face to face with an instructor! They can see you and you can see them! Amazing! Genius! (But if you don’t have a webcam don’t fret, they can guide you verbally as well.) And if you miss a session? There’s recordings that you can catch up on. I’m so happy that I can get my yoga in a regular routine again, yay!  

 The vibes surrounding the exhibition were magical. A really great atmosphere from fellow yogis and wonderful free classes offered by numerous guides. I’m so glad I managed to experience it all and psyched for next years show! Om shante Namaste. 


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