The Purple ‘Pawppy’ 

  Animal aid has redesigned their Purple Poppy pin badge to that of a purple paw for this years rememberence day. The purple paw print represents the memory of the animals that died, were injured and exploited during the war and continue to be used in warfare today. It is important to raise awareness that these animals did not have the option to sacrifice their lives for us and are in-humanely forced into it,  therefore are victims, not heroes. 

The decision to redesign the purple poppy has stemmed from the previous attachment to animals being valiant servants to human exploitation which has been portrayed by the media. Therefore building a conflicting relationship between Animal Aid and the idea of animals being brave for participating in biological experiments.  

The purple paw is available to buy online on Animal Aid website at £3 with free postage. All the money is donated to Animal Aid. It is a beautiful enamel butterfly pin badge that can be worn all year round – showing our support for animals wellbeing and recognition that life is just as precious for animals. Very proud to be wearing mine alongside a homemade poppy.

 Soldiers are the heroes. Animals are unfortunately the victims. 

Wear both with pride!   



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