Our most loved products this year

Looking back through this year we have seen huge attention being shown towards veganism, be it on TV, newspapers, restaurants and even plastered on the side of London buses! Yes, we have still had to put up with stick from some narrow minded ‘omnivorous humans’ but why stop fighting for something you truly believe in just because someone else is so comfortably unaware of the … Continue reading Our most loved products this year

Best 9 Of 2015 Instapics..

It’s pretty self explanatory but here are the most popular pictures on my Instagram of 2015 – generated by bestnine (try it yourself!)    Very happy to see my transformation photo up there in the right hand corner! That was my weight loss photo, going from 12 stone down to 7 stone 12. (See Veganism is full of benefits for you, the animals and the environment!)  … Continue reading Best 9 Of 2015 Instapics..

Basics of a balanced Vegan Diet

  With Veganuary coming up I thought I’d give some advice on what a vegan diet should consist of in order to be balanced and nutritious. Also to set the records straight that we don’t all live like rabbits on seeds and lettuce! (Far from it!)  Being Vegan is a lifestyle not a diet. We exclude all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for … Continue reading Basics of a balanced Vegan Diet

What Food matters to you? – Food Matters Live event 2015 

An event held for exhibitors, buyers, stocklisters, nutritionists and a vegan blogger? Yup! Sophia once again seeks out an opportunity to let you lot know about upcoming products and items that are just hitting the shelves. Oh so sinless at that!  I don’t know if you are all similar with this but when it comes to me and plant based milks I can be very … Continue reading What Food matters to you? – Food Matters Live event 2015 

Recipe website now up! 

After a very long time spent editing, creating and experimenting I’ve finally published my ‘SinfreeSophia‘ recipe website for you all to enjoy! There are so many more recipes I’ve got lined up so I’ll keep you all posted.    The recipes are all vegan, mainly gluten free and sugar free (if not substitutions can be made!) If all goes well you might be seeing an … Continue reading Recipe website now up!