What Food matters to you? – Food Matters Live event 2015 

An event held for exhibitors, buyers, stocklisters, nutritionists and a vegan blogger? Yup! Sophia once again seeks out an opportunity to let you lot know about upcoming products and items that are just hitting the shelves. Oh so sinless at that! 

I don’t know if you are all similar with this but when it comes to me and plant based milks I can be very particular when choosing what to stock up on! I have seemed to have developed a favourite milk for each drink/recipe/dish. Coconut for cereal, almond for tea, soya for coffee and oat milk..for just about everything. I am addicted to Oatly. (Especially the chocolate flavour..oh my..this gem has converted so many of my friends!) So when I saw their stall at Food Matters live I was overwhelmed with excitement..a new product?!    

 Foamable Oat milk?! Say whaaaat?! I’m a sucker for dry foamy cappuccinos so I am so delighted to now be able to make them in the comfort of my own home with my favourite type of milk. And it’s true it foams like a dream! Available in Waitrose. 

I find it so hard to drink plain water so I’ve finally found my solution .. Birch water! Came across Belseva Birch Water whilst mooching around the stalls. They have produced a 100% birch sap water straight from their home grown birch trees! They also have a sweeter version in the range that includes matcha (great for weight loss) ginger, Apple and lime! Rich in antioxidants, great for detoxing and improves condition of skin. I need more of this stuff in my life. I might have to try and plant my own birch tree? Hmm..  

I’m a sucker for cereal, especially at night time. There’s nothing like a midnight feast consisting of hot chocolate and a bowl full of deliciousness. However I have to watch my intake of sugar and unfortunately most cereal have a ridiculously high amount..until now! Kez’s cereal contains, Golden cornflakes, puffed rice and chewy sunflower seeds which are tumbled together with psyllium husk, flaxseed, cinnamon and coconut water. COCONUT WATER. In cereal! Genius! So nice that I’ve actually found a cereal with no refined sugars and tastes amazing. Will keep you all updated on when the range hits the UK! 

Another contender on Sophia’s favourite foodie list from the show was this trio of tantalising sauces!   
You may have to look twice..your eyes are not deceiving you..holy Hot banana ketchup! Oh boy now this sauce is so good matched with sweet potato fries. It has nearly 50% bananas along with all natural ingredients. So grateful for Sinclair Condiments for letting me try out their range. I’ve yet to test out the other two but if they’re anything like the banana ketchup I’ll be swimming in the stuff!   


As you can see our much loved Booja Booja made an appearance! These are definitely a treat to have if you haven’t already done so. Perfect for a Christmas present! 

I really hit the jackpot with Badgers dairy and egg free range. They are amazing!! The egg mayonnaise tastes just like egg it’s crazy! I’ve found one small wholefoods shop in Brixton that sells these but hopefully we will be seeing them everywhere soon. 

There were so many brands I want to tell you all about its hard to give each of them the attention they deserve! So here’s a brief overview of the other products featured and I’ll be explaining my favourites in separate posts later!:)    
Conscious Chocolate: raw vegan chocolate that melts in the mouth.

 Bio organic Agave nectar: the richest syrup I’ve tasted, 100% raw agave.

Love Beets: Bottled beetroot juice. 

New dairy free ice cream! The nude spoon: with flavours including ‘Rooty ginger booty’ ‘creamy coffee’ 


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