Best 9 Of 2015 Instapics..

It’s pretty self explanatory but here are the most popular pictures on my Instagram of 2015 – generated by bestnine (try it yourself!) 

Very happy to see my transformation photo up there in the right hand corner! That was my weight loss photo, going from 12 stone down to 7 stone 12. (See Veganism is full of benefits for you, the animals and the environment!) 

  Always a little embarrassing showing my before photo but it’s great to be able to see and feel better about my self now. Forever in this triangle of undivided love between fruit,veg and I. 
..and then comes the cakes and cookies in full swing! Even Buddha shows his face 🙏🏻 (damn I need to make that banoffee pie again!)   

 Namaste. Have a wonderful 2016. More joy, more love. New beginings ✨🌱 


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