Our most loved products this year

Looking back through this year we have seen huge attention being shown towards veganism, be it on TV, newspapers, restaurants and even plastered on the side of London buses! Yes, we have still had to put up with stick from some narrow minded ‘omnivorous humans’ but why stop fighting for something you truly believe in just because someone else is so comfortably unaware of the cruelty and suffering of animals? 

Last rant of 2015, I swear! 

Back onto the best products.. 

Top Milk: Chocolate Oatly! – makes the BEST hot chocolates and is so good that I often find myself drinking it straight from the carton. 

Top Cheese: Violife Block – It’s gooey when it melts, tastes great from the packet and doesn’t contain yeast! I personally prefer the block because I prefer cheese grated however I know others who love the slices. Join my vegan violife pizza gang? 🍕  

 Top Chocolate: hmm.. There’s so many to choose from! It’s between Pana Chocolat, Vego bar and Raw Chocolate Pie Company… Well I’m so indecisive I didn’t want to pop a blood vessel going into the new year so decided to have joint winners being Pana chocolate (Fig & wild orange won me over) and the Raw Chocolate Pie Conpany with their creative new flavours – all being so healthy! Both melt in the mouth and use the finest ingredients 👏🏻

Top ice cream: Swedish Glacé Vanilla – At £2.20 for a massive tub it’s definitely worth the money. One of the cheapest yet creamiest ice creams out there. Many non-vegan friends have been fooled by this ice queen. My favourite is the Almond dream salted caramel however, it isn’t as good value for money-wise! 

Top Spread: Meridian peanut butter (crunchy!) – 100% peanuts. No palm oil. No sugar. Just pure peanuts! I buy the 1kg tubs because I get through so much of it. 

Top fake meat: Frys Chicken Nuggets. They are better than the real thing. Slightly Crunchy on the outside yet tender inside, dunk in some ketchup and your night is sorted my friend. Mc Donald’s what?! 

Top oil: Tiana Coconut oil for cooking & desserts. With multiple uses this is always stocked in my cupboard. Eat it out the jar, cook everything in it, do some coconut pulling, hell, even use as a moisturiser! 

Top ‘Accidentally Vegan’ product: Lotus Spread. Oh boy. Once you are hooked on this stuff it’s so hard to keep the spoon out of the jar! Trust me you need a strong will power to eat this crunchy -caramell-y biscuitey-beaut in Moderation.  

 Top Magazine: The Vegan Life! I’m not normally one to subscribe to magazines (as I have to ‘budget’ being a student) but this couldn’t go a miss when I always catch myself flicking through one when passing a whs smith or Waitrose. Full of facts, news, recipes and just generally keeping in touch with us and the earth 💚 

Let’s hope 2016 brings more new and exciting products to the shelves as well as greater awareness of veganism. 

Love to you all!

Be the change you want to see in the world 🌱💕


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