New Coconut yoghurts hitting the shelves! 

Most have heard of Coyo and if you’ve had the pleasure of trying it you’ll know its Devine! (Please treat yourselves to some!) However it has a rather high retail price and not available in all supermarkets yet. But now there’s competition.. Koko dairy free have released a whole new range of yoghurts! I’m yet to try them but the flavours sound amazing; Strawberry, Coconut & Lemon, Peach & Passionfruit, Raspberry or Original Plain.The first retailer to stock is Morrisons, with Asda, Ocado and other retailers stocking by the end of February. I’m unaware of how much they are selling these yoghurts yet but looking at their other products I would guess it would be reasonable.

 ‘The range is dairy free, soya free and allergen free and is made with freshly pressed coconut cream for a silky smooth creamy texture, and fermented with live dairy free yogurt cultures for the true taste of yogurt. The fruit variants contain perfectly ripe fruit pieces and natural flavours for deliciously tempting fruitiness.’  

Sounds interesting to say the least! Will let you know my thoughts when I finish my shop at morrisons 😉 


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