Top 5 Easter Eggs! 

So I’ve searched the web, looked high and low in stores and out of my own experience come up with the top 5 chocolate eggs (and bunnies) that you should most definitely try this Easter! If you don’t like chocolate then whack it on the ‘friends who deserve an egg’ list.  I shall begin this egg-cellant count down.. (Too soon?;)  5. Aldi Dark chocolate bunny … Continue reading Top 5 Easter Eggs! 

A good start with Good Food

As most of us are aware, the amount of food waste produced in the uk and across the globe is disgusting. Particularly when we are looking at perfectly edible food that just doesn’t conform to business’ ‘ideal appearance’ and therefore with one obscene decision, must be wasted. Since when did appearance become more relevant than nutritional value? A friend of mine recently contacted me about … Continue reading A good start with Good Food