A good start with Good Food

As most of us are aware, the amount of food waste produced in the uk and across the globe is disgusting. Particularly when we are looking at perfectly edible food that just doesn’t conform to business’ ‘ideal appearance’ and therefore with one obscene decision, must be wasted. Since when did appearance become more relevant than nutritional value?

A friend of mine recently contacted me about a social enterprise that has started using only up cycled and thrown out goods that are absolutely fine for consumption. Better still, they’ve created meals based purely on vegan recipes!

The Dinner Exchange East is a ‘Community Interest Company that strives to engage and empower communities by educating them about the real value of food, and by promoting more sustainable practices for healthier (and tastier) lifestyles.’

Their main aim is to stir a debate around food waste, something that I feel very strongly about. To do this they hold regular events in London at different locations allowing people to sample foods, enjoy live entertainment and discuss issues.

They have their own recipes up on BBC Good food which is definitely worth a look at. I have tested out a few of these recipes and they are really beautiful! It’s great to see the BBC taking an interest in community based projects and supporting veganism.

Here’s a few I recommend!


I love anything with Kale in it so thought it was one to start off with. It’s a great take on homemade houmus just with more flavour!


I used to adore me a bit of bread pudding! However I haven’t had the chance to make it since I rarely buy bread, especially due to my yeast intolerance but after making some of my own soda bread I thought I’d save half (which was extremely hard to do) and put it into this dish! It’s great because it uses up that stale bit of bread just sitting on your shelf and doesn’t contain any refined sugars! It’s also one to adapt for your own taste. For example I swapped apricots for sultanas and candied orange and lemon peel. (Also chucked a few dried figs in, why not!)

You can find all theses recipes and more on the BBC Good Food website. Upcoming events and more information on The Dinner Exchange East is also on their website (I have attatched the link for both). If anyone does want to release their inner chef and have a go at these yummy recipes, take a picture and tag me on Instagram @sinfreesophia / twitter @soph_ellis with the hashtags #BBCGoodFood #DinnerExchange as I would love to see the outcomes and will reblog all:)

Happy cooking!
References: Photo credit BBC Good Food, Quotes – The Dinner Exchange East 


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  1. Reblogged this on thedinnerexchangeeast and commented:
    Thanks a lot for this Sophia!


    1. No problem, I love what you are doing! Would be great to get more involved 🙂


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