Top 5 Easter Eggs! 

So I’ve searched the web, looked high and low in stores and out of my own experience come up with the top 5 chocolate eggs (and bunnies) that you should most definitely try this Easter! If you don’t like chocolate then whack it on the ‘friends who deserve an egg’ list. 

I shall begin this egg-cellant count down.. (Too soon?;) 

5. Aldi Dark chocolate bunny – 

If you want cheap yet yummy this is a definite go to!  

4. Moo-free bunny comb

Available online, Holland & Barratt, Sainsburys.  

Moo-free has always been great with their milk chocolate flavours if you don’t like going for the dark all the time 

 3. Choices Caramel flavoured Easter egg 

Available in Sainsbury’s & Holland and Barratt 

A caramel flavoured egg AND three caramel filled choccies! #WIN

They also do a white chocolate egg too!

 2. Booja Booja  –

Available in Holland and Barratt & online. 

Well Booja Booja was an obvious one. If you haven’t tried it you may want to ask someone else to get it for you.. As the prices are pretty steep but well worth it! Or don’t be a pikey and splash out, treat yourself! I chose the banoffee toffee because…bananas. But honestly they are all amazing! So creamy, melt in your mouth raw chocolate. 

 1. Raw Chocolate Pie Company  – 

Available on their online store.

I have have been a regular and highly devoted customer of the Raw Chocolate Pie Company from the very beginning. They have come leaps and bounds since they first started in their home of Cornwall and still never fail to impress me. All their products are vegan, gluten free and with no refined sugars! Which I absolutely love because they are super healthy but the taste is just out of this world. They sweeten their products using superfoods such as Lecuma powder (my favourite) which gives a beautiful caramel flavour to some of the chocolates, yet complimented with the raw cacao a beautiful rich taste is formed. They have bought out 3 types of eggs this year so I thought I’d throw in all of them. I do spoil you lot. 

The triplets! : 

Healthy answer to the cream egg! And quite frankly better! The shell is made of smooth raw chocolate and the filling is vanilla fudge. All three eggs are the same and make a delicious combination. A delightful present too (but really it won’t make it out of the house) wrapped together to make a gift pack.


Raw choc Easter egg: 

With a base of raw cacao nibs it has been hollowed out stuffed with a mix of organic cranberries and goji berries which have been dried without sugar. 

The family egg: 

The top half of the egg is made of smooth raw chocolate and the bottom is made of Raw Vanilla fudge. The egg is filled with fruit and nut – figs, raisins, brazils, walnuts, halzenuts, almonds, pecans and cashews. 

They also do a cute Easter hamper which promotes a balanced diet.. A chocolate bar in each hand! 

I hope this little list helps you to pinpoint where to look for eggs this year! Go and treat yourselves to some chocolate therapy this Easter.  

And I’ll leave you all with an awfully edited picture of me in a bunny outfit. You can all thank my wonderful friends for this Easter special. 



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