Limber and streeeeetch! 

So this is a post I have been wanting to write up for a while but I haven’t had the sufficient amount of time to exert all my energy into, mainly because I want to make it the best I can!

Heads up for all you Yogi’s out there, this ones for you!

During last years Om Yoga Show I came across many stalls and products to help promote your yoga practice to its best but for me, my eye was mostly on the stalls that sold leggings. I don’t know if you’re the same but I love bright and colourful leggings for Yoga and running..I think I may have a slight addiction to buying them! It’s the one time you can really get away with wearing hot pink pants clashed against a galactic style t-shirt! (yes I really do wear this outfit) But as you girls know we want the type of leggings that don’t show your pants, don’t rip when you stretch (God forbid!) and I’ve got to say it, but don’t give you the dreaded camel toe!

Limber Stretch are a company that produce high quality yoga wear, like many others, but have particularly focused on reducing these components. Due to the owner being from a yogic background herself, she is able to embody beauty, balance and quality into every design. The material allows you to stretch without the material sagging, sucks your stomach in (horray!) and dont worry, doesn’t reveal any body parts haha. Once I tried their leggings I was amazed at how comfortable they were! It’s almost like another skin, a yoga skin!

Since purchasing my first pair I can’t help but trying out the rest of their range. They also offer a utility belt for your yoga and running that features pockets where you can store money etc which I love for when I’m on a long run and need a coffee at the end.. Of course. As well as yoga towels which has been my saviour during hot yoga sessions. Super absorbent but no slipping and groovy colours!

Most of us Yogi’s pretty much live in our yoga pants, from dawn till dusk we are out repping them from the studio out into town. That is one of the reasons I am so in love with them..functional, fashionable and comfortable. Not only this but as you know, Vegans are the eco warriors of the planet – as are yogis! So I was thrilled to find out they are under strict ethical standards when producing the garments. ‘We try to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible while still making the most highly functional sportswear.  We are set to pioneer the way in the yoga apparel movement with high ethical standards as well as amazing fit, fabric and functionality.’ Hana Difrawy (the wonderful owner and designer!)

Right, enough of me talking, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves!

Model: Sophia Ellis

Photographer: A. Pombo




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