Scrambled tofu has been cracked! 

Many people who transition to veganism know that it’s pretty hard to give up eggs. Like many others, I was brought up on runny egg and soldiers, scrambled eggs, fried eggs..just about every thing to do with eggs. Tofu is great for mimicking an egg and is not only nutritionally better but saves the lives of millions of baby chicks! Yay!

Before I tell you my recipe that has been perfected so that it tastes just like egg (if not better) I just want to have a little Scramble Showdown revealing the nutritional benefits of tofu in comparison.

As you can see when people say to have eggs as protein they are really saying ‘fill those arteries with cholesterol brother!’

For me it’s not only the health benefits of eliminating eggs and dairy from my diet but for ethical reasons too. The dairy industry is truly horrific and I don’t want to support the death of any animals, especially cute little baby chicks!

So onto the recipe…

I’ve use Vegg many times in my scrambled tofu, and it works great! However I always end up making a mess and it can be quite expensive, though it does last a long time. But I’ve found a cheaper option. Students prepare yourselves..*drum roll please*

Black salt!

I discovered whilst in Bulgaria that the sulphur water tasted (and smelt) just like eggs! So after researching more I discovered Kala Namak (black salt) which is traditionally used in South Asia therefore it is very easy to find them in Asian shops near towns. At 60p a packet it definitely beats Vegg and vegan egg in my books.

When scrambling firm tofu add in half a teaspoon of black salt, a sprinkling of Turmeric and black pepper. You can add more ingredients but this is the basics for the perfectly cheap vegan scrambled egg! I have sautéed onions before and thrown them in with peppers and vegan bacon..yum! Just experiment and you’ll find the flavour that suits you 🙂



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  1. Elisa says:

    Hi Sophia,
    We met at last FRIEND volunteering day, I was the one filming.
    Thank you for this recipe!
    Which asian shop do you recommend in London? I don’t know any. Also, which vegan bacon do you use and how? Thanks again, great blog!


    1. Hello sweet Elisa! Im so glad you found my blog! I go to the ones in Peckham, camberwell and Brixton, but there are also a few in soho i believe. Where abouts are you based? I can always get some for you if its easier 🙂 I use the vegan bacon by Vbites from Holland and Barrett. You can get it in plain or maple flavour. Thank you so much!xx


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