Top tips for a Vegan Backpacker 

If  you follow any of my social media platforms you’ll know all about my spontaneous jet setting! Since showing people how easy and cheap it can be to travel I am over the moon to hear how I have inspired others to start travelling by themselves. So here’s a few tips to help you on your way! Feel free to leave me a message if you would like any questions answered!

When backpacking:

– prepare: bring raw bars, water bottle and wipes!

– have no expectations. (No disappointments!)

– Don’t expect to be crashing at some 5* accommodation because it’s most likely not going to happen! Try sites such as coach surfing or message a vegan forum from that country on fb (they can also offer great places to visit!). Have a rough idea of what you might do if you end up with no where to crash I.e wild camping..forest or bushes 😉

– show gratitude.

Be grateful for any kindness people show or anything you receive. Remeber you came there with nothing but a back pack! Give as much as you can and don’t expect anything in return, once you become grateful of what you do have more things will start coming to you.

– stay positive! In every situation you must stay positive. It can get tough or lonely at times but you did this for a reason. Enjoy your freedom to roam the beautiful earth and connect with others. Spread your positivity and it will manifest into something beautiful.

– stay safe.

Many people don’t want to travel on their own because they are scared of what might happen..’what MIGHT happen’ if you believe something bad is going to happen then the probability of it happening will increase. Go with an open mind and heart. Yet still be sensible. If your gut is telling you not to do something or if you ever feel uncomfortable leave the situation straight away. You want to enjoy this experience, not force yourself into an anxiety attack!

– download google maps!

Omg this app is a total lifesaver. I have managed to get out of the most stickiest situations with this thing. It’s great for finding vegan places by searching ‘vegan restaurants ……(enter city you are in)’ and it will plot all of them around you. It’s great for showing use of public transport, walking trails etc And the great thing is you don’t need Internet to use it.

– travel light.

If you get to a point where you are walking for miles you don’t want to be carrying some heavy arse bag! Travel with essentials only!

– let family know where you are.

Keep friends and family in the loop. If anything were to happen they know where abouts you are.


what’s your aim? Are you travelling because you want to explore, meet new people, learn, escape or just try something new? Whatever your reason may be research and have a plan so you’re not stranded with nothing to do. I usually have a vague idea of what I’d like to do but generally just go with the flow and opportunities generally arrive!

– bring back up money (just in case!)

– make as many friends as possible!

Stay connected with your sureoundings and the people. People and nature are your lifeline. The more people you know the more opportunities arise. Knowing your environment you are able to forage for food and feel comforted by nature. Don’t fear being alone. You are never alone when you have so much living things around you. You have yourself also, enjoy your company and peace, go ahead talk to yourself if it helps – I know it does for me! Or vlogging is also a good shout.
If I think of any more I’ll add them to the list but for now.. Happy backpacking!


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