Matcha lattes, Almond milk..This coffee shop chain is getting a health kick! 

This Autumn brings the eagerly anticipated launch of the new Green tea Latte with Matcha. Customers have been asking for this addition to the menu for a long time and coffee chain Starbucks are finally going to be answering our wishes! 

The menu will include: 

Citrus Mint Green Tea Latte with Matcha 

Green Tea latte with Matcha 

Green Tea Frappuccino 

To make these Vegan just ask without cream/toppings and with soy/coconut milk! 

Matcha Green Tea powder is high in antioxidants, improves concentration due to the caffeine content, detoxifies the body and calms the mind.. Ommm (you can tell this is one of my favourite superfoods powders!) 

Another addition to the menu will be Almond milk which should be hitting stores later this year! Along with Soya milk and coconut milk the dairy free range is rapidly growing at Starbucks! Yay! 

I will be releasing an updated Autumn Vegan menu at Starbucks soon 🙂 In the meantime you can grab a matcha latte early if you are a MSR member! 


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