The next BIG vegan event! 

New vegan and conscious living festival Vevolution looks to become the vegan ‘TED Talks’

Guys, guys, guys! You have got to check this out! The hype from Vegfest is slowly dying out and we are facing those post festival blues but hold up I have the solution. In ten days time one of the biggest events this year is going down at the Oval Space in London.

Veganism is experiencing a huge surge in popularity, especially in recent years. Vevolution is a new festival focused on showcasing inspiring people within the movement. It aims to bring a day packed full of education, fun and freebies! (Breakfast is also included.. C’mon what could be better?!)

Vevolution is a new vegan and conscious living festival happening on the 5th November 2016 at Oval Space in Hackney, London. The festival is bringing together the game-changers in the vegan and conscious living movement for a day of inspiring talks, workshops and community.

The festival is taking a different approach to most vegan festivals with the focus of the day purely being on inspiring talks and workshops. Festival founders, Damien and Judy say: “The idea is to remove the distractions and allow people to share ideas and experiences that can collectively help us shape a better world.”

Watch the trailer for Vevolution 2016 here: and the initial festival line-up is available to view at:
Key festival facts:

The festival centred around inspiring short talks of 15-20 minutes from leaders within the vegan movement.

Speakers confirmed include leaders in the vegan movement and popular online personalities including: Brianna Jackson (Brianna Jackfruitson), Antastesia, Timothy Shieff, Claira Hermet, Michael Goodchild (The Vegan Activist) Klaus Mitchell (Plant-Based News and all round awesome guy).

The festival is founded by writer, film-maker & social entrepreneur Damien Clarkson who previously co-founded the festival Vegan Futures and Judy Nadel who produced Badass Vegan Women & Vegan Futures. (Both totally amazing earthlings! Be sure to meet them at some point!) They have worked so hard to make this event possible and I am honestly so proud of them. You guys rock!

The festival will be attracting approximately 500 people so grab your tickets quick.

The festival will be packed with innovative talks, panel discussions and workshops focusing the following main areas within the vegan movement: activism and ethics; diversity; health, nutrition and fitness; and the environment.

Tickets are now on sale at: Attendees will get a free breakfast and goodie bag packed full of vegan products included with the price of their ticket.

Sponsors so far include Tideford Organics, Oatly, One Planet Pizza , Planet Kind and Animal Aid and Viva! Sgaia Foods.

Speaking to Vevolution founder. Damien Clarkson commented, “ Vevolution is all about bringing people together to share inspiring ideas. Our primary focus is education and community, we want to inspire more people to try veganism and help those already living a vegan life to be more active advocates for this way of life”. He added, “Veganism really is a game-changer it can help us tackle climate change, tackle health crises and saves the lives of animals, we really believe it is the world’s next big social justice movement”.
Super excited for this event! I will also be exhibiting my artwork in the space at Vevolution so be sure to check out the gallery! Looking forward to seeing lots of veg Cadets! 😀


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