Why we shouldn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. 

‘Thanksgiving Day should be turned into a National Day of Atonement to acknowledge the genocide of America’s indigenous peoples.’

Understanding the true meaning behind thanksgiving will leave you wondering why Americans still seem to celebrate oppression with death. Yes, they are celebrating the genocide of Americas indigenous people with a turkeys corpse. 

We should be giving thanks and being grateful every day, seeing the beauty in our lives and appreciating it. Not destroying it. 

If we look back at the roots of thanks giving, to put it quite simply (as there’s so much history to siv through its nice just to get the basic answer for once!) it was formed from a myth, a lie. 

“We’re certainly not against giving thanks. As indigenous people we give thanks every day … The issue here with the Thanksgiving holiday as celebrated in the United States is that it perpetuates this myth that the wonderful Pilgrims came here from Europe and were so kind and good to the Native people who were here and lived happily ever after,” said Mahtowin Munro, co-leader of the United American Indians of New England.

Obviously this is not true, it was an American holocaust. The mass killing of Native Americans. Then on top of that there is further death of innocent Turkeys to be served up on plate. How ironic, celebrating death with death. Around 46 million turkeys are consumed on this one day. That’s a hell of a lot of animals being slaughtered just for one meal to please some tummy a and keep with tradition.

The amount of turkeys being produced in poor conditions is disgusting. They are dosed with antibiotics to stimulate their growth and to prevent them from getting diseases in the filthy conditions – so basically drugging them up to keep them alive. Not so much of a hearty meal as you thought! 

Give thanks to the animals and all that you have in your life. It should be a time to appreciate the small things in life and share it with those that you love. Love the animals, the planet and your self. 

I have attatched some great vegan recipes that you can try instead if you’d still like an excuse for a big meal! 🙂 

Tofurky also do a pretty good roast, some might say it’s weird looking but I find a rotting corpse on the dinner table a lot weirder! 






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