Eating Vegan in Berlin: Top 10 

Berlin, named the most vegan friendly city in the world! Of course I had to have myself a trip there soley to explore the food choices and to see if all the hype was really true.

So we stayed at a hostel I have been to before called ‘the Heart of Gold’. It’s super cheap and offers free tea and coffee and free breakfast if you book online (yes they have soya milk!) I always stay at hostels as they are cheaper, you get to meet more people especially if you are travelling alone and you get a better sense of the city!

So obviously I didn’t get round to trying out everywhere (there’s 300+ places that serve vegan options!) but these were the top ones that I tried out and in no particular order either.

So I start my foodie discoveries at..

1. The Bowl 

Damn I wished we had more places like this in London. This was my Buddha bowl.. wowza the flavours were insane! This is the place to go if want something healthy and soooo tasty. Really cool place and just amazing food. It is just above Veganz and next door is a vegan shoe shop..this area is turning into a vegan mall! Woo!

2. Goodies (in Veganz)

So this place won the best mocha award. (And trust me we went everywhere!) Their cakes were absolutely divine and did a great selection of food and drinks. They are usually connected with Veganz which is awesome so you can shop for lots of groceries then crash for a coffee and cake! Veg heaven.

3. Let it be

Serves crepes, galettes and burgers. I was super impressed that they had a ‘no-bun’ option and added more veg instead (I’m yeast intolerant so was finally able to enjoy a ‘burger’!) The soy steak was absolutely amazing and the veg cooked just right with little oil. I also had a crepe for dessert which was so yum. (Apple and cinnamon though there were plenty more choices). Overall great food, good portions and reasonable prices! Also, it’s called ‘Let it be’ which reminds me of The Beatles.. so will always rock in my eyes.

4. Brammibal’s Donuts

OMG YOU GUYS! THIS WAS THE BEST THING SINCE COFFEE. Picture it now, sitting down to a creamy oat coffee whilst dunking a double chocolate peanut butter fudge donut into it..and being surrounded by awesome earthlings.. GAME CHANGER. So many flavours to try and loads of food and drinks to choose from, but I suggest just stuffing yourself with donuts, freshly handmade. A box of 4 cost 9 euros and was worth every penny.  I haven’t got a sweet tooth but this was just something else. They managed to get the proportions of icing just right and the bun was super soft and squidgy, yet still remained in donut form. Each flavour tasted exactly how you would imagine, if not better. I can’t choose a favourite but loved the smoked coconut and salted caramel, the peanut butter fudge and the blueberry and pistachio. Ah, I have to stop now the feeling of wanting one again is getting too much…

5. Momos 

Excellent service and if you like dumplings then you need to go here! Small and cozy place where you can dig into a variety of steamed and fried vegan dumplings with dips. It’s fun guessing what’s in them if you go for the dumpling experience!

6. Jivamukti Yoga canteen 

Ah, this place was so zen. Felt like I could stay here for ages just curled up with a book and matcha latte, then walk off to do a bit of yoga and return to my spot on the sofa. Full of lovely vibes and great food/drink options (also homemade plant milk!)

7. Charlie’s vegan food
 and coffee

A little more expensive but for sure does great coffee! Very stylish place with old fashioned furnishings in a modern vibe. Food looks amazing and just wished we hadn’t filled ourselves up on donuts! The staff are really welcoming and I would love to visit again.

8. Lucky Leek 

A real gem for veggies visiting Berlin. All the food is top quality and the imagination behind the dishes is just insane. A little more expensive but you definitely get your monies worth.

9. Vego Food-world 

For all you fast foodies out there! Grab yourself the best burger & fries here! This place is wicked, not to mention its owned by Vego..ya know the best chocolate bar ever?!

10. SOY restaurant

All fresh, healthy, tasty Vietnamese food. Decent prices and they offer some nice ice teas and smoothies! Near Alexander Platz which is good if you are staying in central Berlin.

All these places were easy to get to from whereever you are staying because the transport in Berlin is so damn good. Mate the Germans are on it! We have some catching up to do..

Till next time Berlin! ✌🏻


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