HeartCure Re-Launch!

HeartCure Clothings new range launch and exciting first ever Vegan social platform! 

Some people may have already heard of HeartCure Clothing after visiting  Vegfest or via their online store, if not then you are in for a new wardrobe refresh! 

HeartCure Clothing is the only completely vegan non-profit company, owned by the lovely Georgia and Jordan (honestly one of the nicest couples I know!) All of the profit they raise is donatated to Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary and in just the first 6 months they raised over £1000! Their core belief has has always been to support the wellbeing of animals, as well as meeting ethical clothing standards. 

“It’s always been about making a change, not a profit for us.”

(Yes I managed to grab a cheeky smooch from this gorgeous being!)

 These beautiful earthlings have put in heart and soul in creating this passion of theirs and now it’s bigger than ever. With their new re-launch of their online site on the 21st January, you will be seeing new additions to the vegan clothing range (and dude, the designs are awesome!) and..wait for it… a kids range! So now the new generation of vegans can rock the look. 

The thing I love about this vegan clothing store is that it is mainly design based, rather than just text, therefore igniting curiosity whilst spreading a positive vegan message. 
Not only this but they are launching the UKs first ever vegan social centre. This will be called HeartCure Collective and be based in a warehouse in Sheffield. The warehouse will provide a cafe and bar, ethical clothing store, vegan activist meet ups, youth meet ups and a stage for people to hold speeches and live music. If you would like to support this great project please visit their GoFundMe which is currently live on their website. 

“HeartCure is made up of everyone involved, from the photographers, the models (our friends!) and everyone who has supported us!” -Jordan & Georgia.

The aim is to unite everyone from the online community to HeartCure Collective, thus creating a social hub for vegans. It will be a place to hang out during the day, meet friends in the evening and a space to organise events. Want to discover more about activism? Don’t worry they have that covered too. 

As you know, the vegan lifestyle is inclusive, and so is this Collective. HeartCure welcome all vegans and non-vegans as it will be a great place to discover more, receive support and find out more about living sustainably and ethically. 

HeartCure plan to raise more money for more sanctuaries and to work collaboratively with vegan activists, supporting the save movement. These guys deserve a round of applause.. and some vego bars! Really excited for 2017 in regards to veganism! Very proud of both Jordan and Georgia and everyone who has supported this journey. Let’s keep sharing the compassion ❤ 

Go check them out on Instagram too! @heartcureclothing 


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