New Raw Vegan Chocolate!

I was very fortunate to discover and try a new vegan chocolate that totally wowed me, and pretty much all the people who attended Vegan Life Live last month.

Octo Chocolate is a fairly new chocolate company based in London. Their products have already hit the shelves of Harrods and online stores and I’m about to tell you why…

Octo put immense attention to detail into their product, from sourcing the best available organic ingredients to making sure they only use certified Ecological farming. The chocolate is certified as raw due to the use of low temperature during production. To preserve Rawness, elevate the freshness and heighten the overall quality they actually go below standard temperatures. Coconut blossom nectar is used to sweeten the chocolates as it unrefined and naturally better.

I was very grateful to receive three different types of their products to review..bananas coated in 70% chocolate, Dark chocolate and milk chocolate with coconut milk. Honestly just opening the beautiful packaging was an experience in itself! The box is designed with beautiful details of the skeleton of a leaf, encrusted in metallic outlining. The decadent dark gold aluminium colour for the leaf is hot stamped on a freshly dyed black, slightly rough paper, creating a moment to which entices all of your senses. It was so pretty I was being extra careful not to damage it when getting to the chocolate! Once you open up the box a shimmery foil is revealed, hiding the gem beneath.

Octo writes, ‘We are a proud manufacturer of organic, RAW, vegan chocolate, which is made of high-quality cocoa beans and only coconut blossom sugar as a sweetener. Products created by us are unique organic snacks in exclusive packages.’

So first up the 70% chocolate coated banana! I loved that these where little drops of chocolate as I could sprinkle them all over my banana ice cream and was great for a little snack without munching through them all! It’s not an overpowering banana taste but is complimented well with the raw dark chocolate casing. The bananas are air dried which gives them a chewy yet soft texture.

The dark chocolate bar had a unique wine-like taste to it. It melts in your mouth with a burst of rich flavours. I liked this bar because you only needed a square each time to satisfy cravings.

Oh my the milk chocolate with coconut milk was so good! It had a very creamy texture and great for people who like that ‘milky taste’ that most vegan chocolate bars don’t quite nail.

Honestly, I’d be happy receiving one of these for Valentine’s Day! And what a luxurious gift it would be for someone..or for yourself if you’re like me cooped up with a rom-com and ice cream!

The chocolates are in the high price range however that is expected from the quality of ingredients. You can use this discount code to receive 10% off orders. ‘Valentines10’
Let us know what you think if you try them out! Hopefully we will see them again at more vegan events – especially as the owners are so lovely! 🙂  (oh and did I mention the chocolate is damn good too!)



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