Veganism the new Terrorism? 

Militant, extreme, far left.. some of the names I have heard people call vegan activists but terrorists? That’s definitely a new one for me. 

When did resistance and compassion become an act of terrorism? I was recently faced with this question after Journalist Joel Day contacted me. I must admit, I was pretty shocked when I heard this but was willing to offer answers to his questions and form a better understanding of why we need to start taking action. 

Interview between Journalist Joel Day and Vegan Blogger Sophia Ellis (me!) 

Hi, I’m a journalism student based in London, and I’m currently working on a long feature piece questioning whether veganism is the new terrorism. I saw you on the London vegan actions video through researching the subject, and was wondering if I could get a few answers to my questions out of you? 

Yes of course. New terrorism?

Yeah, basically just looking into whether or not the growing popularity of the vegan movement is going too far in its methods to spread its message. Do you think some of the methods are going too far, like the earthlings protest on Leicester Square, or do you think theyre not going far enough? What about organisations like PETA who have recently put up a lot of “go vegan” posters across London?

I don’t believe the vegan movement is going too far in its methods at all. I think that it is extreme that innocent animals are being killed for no other reason than convenience and money. The suffragette movement had to go to extremes to get themselves heard (such as making bombs, protests, destruction) as it was the only way women could speak – through actions. The earthlings experience and other form of vegan activism are not violent or destructive at all.

Yet still allows us to speak out to the public, allow them to question their actions and see the truth behind their conditioned lifestyle. It’s absolutely amazing to see the word ‘vegan’ posted everywhere, especially as some people have never come across the term before. If we want to stop the slavery, rape and murder of innocent beings then we must take action to do so.

We are running out of time; the oceans are being depleted of fish, the environment is being destroyed through animal agriculture etc we need to take it further if we want to save our planet. Now this may seem over exaggerated to some, but once you research what is the leading cause of climate change, deforestation, pollution etc you will find it is animal agriculture. Breeding and killing animals is killing our planet.. and not to mention our health.

I actually went to an earthlings protest last night and spoke to the two sisters who organise it. It was great to see people who had volunteered for then cause, but don’t you think showing the distressing videos in public is almost an act of terror in the sense that it’s exposing innocent people to things they more than likely wouldn’t have seen if it wasn’t for the earthlings videos?

Ah brilliant! I was planning on going after the vegan meet up but unfortunately had other commitments. No I don’t believe it is, we are just showing people the truth. Something that has been hidden from them since they were born. If more people actually knew the awful things that went into the production of meat and dairy they would reconsider their actions, which is exactly what we are doing. We are not forcing them to watch it and offer support and educate those who want to know more.

They are not innocent people, they are part of a society that has been hypnotised and conditioned to believe we are superior to animals. Innocent people do not slaughter innocent sentient beings.

I mean I used to contribute to this horrific industry so understand how unaware we are. When you start to detach yourself from the equation, become less selfish and start thinking about others, you realise you will do anything in your power to save these beautiful souls

Learning to live with compassion is the best decision I ever made. And I want to share this with everyone, even if it means showing them something that is uncomfortable to see

What about the argument that goes something like, if people want to go vegan, they’ll do it off of their own backs, rather than being almost “preached” to by others?

The thing is, it isn’t their personal choice when a victim is involved. They are either unaware or ignorant so need to be shown the truth in order to form a decision. You cannot force anyone to anything the don’t want to do but giving them enough information to understand why we are doing this and why it is so important makes a significant difference. They are able to make the connection between the food on their plates and the animals that they love. Isn’t is contradicting to love animals yet eat them too? 

Meat eaters preach to the world through constant advertising, media, and false tv commercials. I would say vegans ‘preaching’ is far less than the extent to what the meat and dairy industry do to twist the truth and keep everyone in the dark

 And the cases with vegan activists being so extreme that they physically and verbally abuse non-vegans. What do you think about this? 

I have not yet heard of vegans physically abusing people, where have you heard this? I know it can get quite heated between activists but that is understandable when they are trying so hard to fight for something they are so passionate about. It can get very frustrating. But I do not believe that is the right way to handle things, vegans want peace, so fighting using violence goes against our morals.

One last thing, what about the people who make a livelihood from the animal agriculture industry? Shouldn’t we think of their well-being and how they would be able to cope in a vegan world?

Farmers are already under paid for the work they do. The decrease in demand of dairy and meat shows that people are wanting a change. The farmers must adapt. Many farmers, particularly dairy, have abandoned the industry and have turned to plant based farming instead. For example the production of plant based milks. This business is booming at the moment and will only grow so they are much better going into this. Others have turned their farms into sanctuaries, which are funded through donations

Gathered research shows that slaughterhouse workers suffer with severe mental health problems due to the amount of graphic experiences they endure. If we really care about the well being of humans we would not put them through this, or give meat to people when we know that it is a carcinogen and unhealthy.

End of Interview. 
What are your thoughts on some of these questions? Would be great to hear what you think! 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. John says:

    Sounds like any other dumb YouTube debate tbh. The journalist is obviously ignorant of the situation.


  2. John says:

    Sounds like any other dumb YouTube debate tbh. The journalist is obviously ignorant of the situation.


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