Let’s talk feminism. 

So today is International women’s day and what a better way than to educate people what feminism actually means. Firstly let’s make some stuff clear..  Feminists do NOT hate men  We do not all have hairy legs and armpits (there’s nothing wrong with that anyway, we aren’t trying to make some kind of point)  Women are not superior to men We still like feminine things … Continue reading Let’s talk feminism. 

Call for Vegan Artists!

A new exhibition held at The Strand Gallery in London will be featuring vegan related artwork, and there is still time to submit work! Vegan Artists have until the 25th March to submit their work to the Behind Closed Doors Exhibition which will be held in May. You can find the link here:  http://www.behindcloseddoors.space/ The Strand Gallery is based at 32 John Adam Street, London … Continue reading Call for Vegan Artists!

Starbucks now have Almond Milk! 

After much anticipation starbucks have finally realeased their Almond ‘drink’ (we aren’t officially allowed to call it milk for some peculiar reason). It’s been sitting in the office waiting to be tried till now so I can finally give you the verdict of what it tastes like and if it lives up to our expectations..  *drum roll please* It’s pretty damn good! For a Starbucks … Continue reading Starbucks now have Almond Milk!