Starbucks now have Almond Milk! 

After much anticipation starbucks have finally realeased their Almond ‘drink’ (we aren’t officially allowed to call it milk for some peculiar reason). It’s been sitting in the office waiting to be tried till now so I can finally give you the verdict of what it tastes like and if it lives up to our expectations.. 

*drum roll please*

It’s pretty damn good!

For a Starbucks own brand Almond milk it is much better than I thought it would be (considering their coconut milk is gross). I had an Almond milk Americano misto, yum! And has less calories and fat than the soya milk – And of course far healthier than the cows milk. Personally I still love how the soya froths up but it’s decent! The only problem with the Almond milk is that it is 40p extra which sucks but the soya still remains free. However if you are a coffee addict like myself and have been titled a Gold Starbucks Reward member then you will get all plant milks for free including syrups and premium coffee blends. 

The ingredients are as follows: 

So now you have a selection of Soya, coconut and Almond milk! No need to be sucking the udders of cows any more. Yay! 


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