Let’s talk feminism. 

So today is International women’s day and what a better way than to educate people what feminism actually means. Firstly let’s make some stuff clear.. 

  • Feminists do NOT hate men 
  • We do not all have hairy legs and armpits (there’s nothing wrong with that anyway, we aren’t trying to make some kind of point) 
  • Women are not superior to men
  • We still like feminine things  

So now we have cleared that up I’ll tell you what feminists do actually stand for and the reason why you should be saying ‘why aren’t you a feminist?!’ 

  • We are against the violence and abuse of women
  • We want economic equallity for both men and women
  • Sexism exists 
  • Women are intellectual & social equals to men

If you wasn’t aware, female genital mutalation is still occurring in some countries, women still don’t have voting rights and aren’t allowed to drive. They are a mans possession and are objectified. Just because this isn’t happening in the Uk doesn’t mean to say we have to ignore it. 

I’m still super shocked to hear that a lot of British people are not aware of the Suffragettes and the whole movement they went through to get rights for women in the UK. In brief, they were a group of activists who fought for equal rights for women during the late 19th and early 20th century, and eventually prevailed. They went through a lot of suffering, torture and even gave up their lives to be able to get where we are today. There is a film called ‘Suffragette‘ which is really good and I’d recommend watching. 

So you don’t have to be a women to be a feminist. Feminism is not a dirty word. If you believe that all humans should have equal rights and are against the abuse to women then you support feminism. You don’t have to label yourself but don’t deny that you believe in it just because of the stigma surrounding it. Fight the stereotypes and fight against oppression. 

Much love 

Sophia x 


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