Unicorn Starbucks Drink Recipe

As most of you know I work part time in Starbucks. My coffee addiction became too expensive that I actually had to start working there! (free coffee woo!) Not only that but I am very passionate about coffee, the history, tastings, social aspect, art and experimentation. When I get a free moment I like to try and create drinks that are not on the original menu, so, in essence, my own secret menu. (‘SSM’ Sophia’s secret Menu). I have previously posted about drinks that are vegan at Starbucks but I wanted to show you a drink that is great for summer and unicorn lovers.

This drink is 100% vegan and tastes so good!šŸ¦„

So here’s what you have to order at the till:

  1. In half a venti cup: Ā iced matcha latte with coconut milk
  2. In the same cup but theĀ other half: iced coconut milk shaken with a dash of strawberry sauce.

Ask them to have the iced matcha shaken too and to put it in the cup first with the strawberry mix on top so it goes ombre.

Then you got some crazy cool drink! Just needs some edible glitter to make it that much better. āœØšŸ¦„

If you wanted to make thigs even more awkward for your barista you can add a purple colour in between the green and pink.. Get them to shake iced soya and a splash of hibiscus tea…It will give you a beautiful pastel purple colour. However, I advise adding some vanilla syrup to this.

Or mix the purple and pink together like this!

I will be uploading a youtube video soon on how to make it and other vegan drinks on my secret menu (Including TiramasuĀ frappuccino ;D ) stay tuned lovelies ā¤


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