No more kissing meaty Chops! 

Vegans and vegetarians can now graze for some ‘veggie-only-love’ with the new dating app ‘Grazer’. 

Yes the day has come where we finally have a dating app to meet fellow veggies! This herbivorous app will have you matching with compassionate beings from all over the uk (well 250km from your location). 

The age range starts from 18 upwards and you can choose your sexual preference. It’s pretty much the same as Tinder; the same swiping actions, same way of editing your profile etc just with a lifestyle option as well. 

The app seems to have had a great response so far. Especially since the owners started handing out free condoms at recent festivals 😂🙌🏻 (vegan of course) 

It’s just a good place to meet like minded people if you don’t get the chance to go out much or have a specific type you are in to. 

I don’t think people should be embarrassed to use dating apps, it’s a great way to engage with people you wouldn’t normally meet or have the courage to go talk to. 

Good luck to fellow singletons! 


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  1. RisFit says:

    Haha what an awesome idea!


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