Plant Curious Pre-launch 

UK’s first ever plant based recipe box. 

Curious about a plant based lifestyle but not quite sure what to eat, or how to find time to get ingredients? Problem solved!! 
I recently went to the pre-launch of a company called ‘Plant Curious’. They are pretty similar to ‘Hello Fresh’ and other food box brands however they have one up on everyone else.. they are completely vegan. 

The owners are so so lovely (one of them looks exactly the Joaquin Phoenix! Haha don’t tell him I said that). The idea started when the owners father got diagnosed with cancer and decided to go vegan. The change in lifestyle and diet miraculously cured him which inspired them to start their own vegan journey. This is not the first time something like this has happened, a vegan diet is known to cure many illness’ and diseases. 

I was very grateful to be invited to the pre-launch of this amazing project. Non alcoholic cocktails, bites and a full blown lunch with dessert was served. Not to mention the amazing vibes of all the inspirational people that were invited. Vevolution did such a good job at organising this event! 

(Nanabar Justin with sinfreesophia) 

After the brilliant speech from Plant Curious we tucked into a sample dish of what you can expect in the food box. 

As you can see they packed a lot on the plate!! 

And for dessert was a raw rhubarb cheese cake 😍 so creamy and Devine! 

My favourite part of the meal was the butter beans and the wakame seaweed salad 💜 

They even gave us all a massive goodie bag of organic vegetables so that we could make this dish at home, as well as a tonne of Oatly products and vegan cheese. What an awesome day! 

The highlight for me was meeting the people behind Plant Curious and talking to so many beautiful beings (oh and the food of course!). Can’t wait for them to launch so you can all try their organic food boxes! All come with recipe cards and can be for yourself or family boxes. Really good for students too when you don’t have time or know what to buy as a vegan wanting to be eating healthier. 

They also gave us these cute tomato plants! Grow baby tomatos grow! 

Thank you so much Vevolution & Plant Curious for being such a beautiful part of our community 💕🙏🏻


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