Clean Energy.

If you’re wanting an energy drink that gives you wings without the added nasties and high sugar content I’ve got a little something that might interest you…

I remember looking for an energy drink to fuel my workout, something other than a ridiculously expensive pre-workout and something that doesn’t contain loads of sugar or sweeteners. Pretty sparse to find if I’m honest with you! Especially as most energy drinks on the market contain taurine (that isn’t vegan) or the ones that are vegan have tonnes of ingredients I can barely pronounce!

But then I was approached by Flyte.

As soon as I saw the word ‘coffee’ I was pretty much sold but I’m going to run you through why I chose this over a bottle of monster.

The packaging is rather instagramable don’t ya think? They’ve hit it spot on with the design and glass bottle. However I would say it’s a little heavy to carry round if you had more than two but I think you’d only need one for a workout, they give you a pretty good buzz! Being made from glass also makes them recyclable which is great news for people striving towards zero waste.

Being an avid coffee drinker, barista and all round human that is fully-dependant-on-caffeine.. I was rather surprised to get a kick out of these drinks. It’s probably the same as me drinking 3 coffees (I’m very tolerant to caffeine). But without that crash that you normally get.. felt surprisingly refreshed!

I was sent 3 flavours; green mango, citrus and orange. Green mango definitely being my favourite. I pretty much finished it in seconds haha! They all taste fresh and not sugary at all. I really don’t like sweet things so this was the perfect balance between fruitiness and cleanness. I was expecting it to taste like one of those extremely diluted soda waters that claim to have ‘real fruit extracts!’. However, with Flyte I could actually taste the flavour (and they do really contain real fruit juices! Haha!).

I would generally drink these in the morning instead of coffee, before my workout or work. Fizzy drinks usually bloat me out and make me burp (a lot!) so I was super happy to find these didn’t so I could go to the gym after having one. If I need a pick me up I’d most probably grab one of these tbh.

If you’ve watched my instagram you may have seen I had a month addiction to Monster energy drinks after finding out that they are vegan… After the month I got sever stomach pains, cramps, bloating and feeling generally shit. So it’s nice to finally have an energy drink that is completely natural without synthetic components. Using superfoods in the drinks provide great nutritional content as well.

Obviously I’m a massive coffee addict. Being a barista I drink between 5/6 coffees a day (which is a little extreme and I’m cutting down!) So having this as an alternate be would be good so that I don’t get the come downs of coffee. I wouldn’t completely use it as an a alternative as I actually like the flavour of coffee and this just simply isn’t comparable. But I would recommend it if you are trying to reduce your coffee intake and want a cleaner way of getting your caffeine kick.

One of the best things about this company is that they are Carbon Positive! Meaning the company is responsible for eliminating more greenhouse gas than it emits, for a net negative carbon emission. That’s clean energy for ya!👊🏻


Purified water, fruit juices, maca root, Green Coffee, Griffonia, schizandra.

Hope you all enjoyed this review, please let me know what you think in the comments or on my instagram @sinfreesophia You can find more info and buy their products here.


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