Ed Awareness Week: Shared Stories Pt 2.

Continuing from yesterday’s Ed stories, here are some more submissions from amazing ED Warriors! All showing that there is hope, and help out there. You are not alone through this!

The first is a beautiful text from Veronica. I can relate so much to this as can so many others. She also sent me a lovely appreciation email that brought me to tears! So thank you Veronica for making this all worth it ❤️

What is a body

if not a manifestation of our frequencies in physical matter

a mean through whcih we are experiencing life

does it really say who i am

does it really tell you about my dreams, my ambitions or how i feel


my soul was

screaming, crying to be freed

by this cage

my mind created

fed by society diseases

on how someone should look and be

so i tried to please others

and be someone else than i was

by reducing my self-esteem

by becoming a woman walking on the street not feeling anything

other than in nte emptiness

i would never be enough

unless all bones would be showing

i cried at night

i cried silently at the supermarket aisle

as the little mean voice in my head

would scream and criticise and judge anything i picked up i kept listening to the voice

becoming a slave and feeding it

only to make it

everyday bigger

my head was a rollercoaster circling over and over again the same pattern of thoughts never stopping

never taking a break not even in darkness

all i wanted to do was

to tear my face, my body apart so hearing voices in my head would be less painful

i wanted to stop everything

i was letting myself go

and didn’t care anymore

i saw my mum crying one day while i was walking

i was invisible

but she could see

the pain i was carrying with every movement of my fragile body i had no more skin to comfort me

i had caves between bones

where i tried to hide

but they couldn’t hold me anymore

i choose

to show up for myself

i choose that no one

can de ne me by the way my soul decided to show up in this world

in a form that may not please them but is just as sacred as theirs

i understood

soul has more value

than looks

because it’s your energy

i feel

when you walk into the room

i am scared sometimes

i am insecure sometimes

that i am not going to be enough

for someone, for a job, for achieving something but i know it’s that voice talking again

so i shut it down and

i value myself

i honour all of my body

with acts of love and kindness

i found the joy of feeling feelings again positive or negative i embrace them and dive through them

knowing that they don’t de ne me

i learnt that vulnerabilities are beautiful i learnt that key to happiness

is not thinness or pleasing others

i learnt happiness is love

for yourself

for all that and those who surround you

and would be by your side even if blind because they don’t love your image

but your soul and the magic you have in you.

The next one is from a fellow blogger and inspiration, Amy. She has a great blog @survivingnowthriving 💕

Thriving to me is the epitome of eating disorder recovery…

Living your life solely on your terms, rather than being controlled by demons in your head.

Being able to do everything you’ve dreamed of, no limitations.

It is a life filled with technicolour and possibilities.

All of this over the reality eating disorders present of just about surviving.

Before, I was Anorexia.

Merely existing which brought me to attempt suicide.

I want to emphasise that anorexia is not a size, weight, or look – but a destructive mindset that strips all happiness from your life💔

Now I am Amy once again!

Measure smiles over stones, wellness over weight, and memories over measurements and you too can go from simply surviving to totally thriving 🙆

My best friend also experienced an eating disorder and it’s empowering seeing both of us thrive on a healthy vegan lifestyle together. Her ED started from obsessively comparing herself to others. This quote from Jessie is so accurate.

Another woman’s beauty, doesn’t take away from your own.

*There are more to come but I am just waiting on a few submissions so this post will be updated tomorrow night! 💚🙏🏻 *

There is no magic cure, no making it go away forever. There are only small steps upwards; an easier day, an unexpected laugh, a mirror that doesn’t matter anymore. It takes time but remember storms don’t last forever. You deserve happiness and health. ❤️


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