Cookery school to raise £45000

Made in Hackney, a plant-based community cookery school, launch crowdfunding campaign to raise £45,000 October 16th is World Food Day – and what better date for Made In Hackney, an award winning plant-based eco-community kitchen and cookery school to launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise £45,000. (Photo by Simon Way Photography ) Since opening in 2012 the small but dynamic organisation has helped over 6000 Londoners … Continue reading Cookery school to raise £45000

Vegan in Paris – Top places to visit

I honestly thought when I booked my tickets for the Lollapalooza festival in Paris it was going to be a nightmare to find vegan eateries… however Paris, you have proved me oh so wrong!  Going on holiday with two of my best vegan friends is honestly the dream, just needed to find the best places to chow down on some good plant based food! So … Continue reading Vegan in Paris – Top places to visit

Plant Curious Pre-launch 

UK’s first ever plant based recipe box.  Curious about a plant based lifestyle but not quite sure what to eat, or how to find time to get ingredients? Problem solved!!  I recently went to the pre-launch of a company called ‘Plant Curious’. They are pretty similar to ‘Hello Fresh’ and other food box brands however they have one up on everyone else.. they are completely … Continue reading Plant Curious Pre-launch 

That Protein tho. 

As you guys may have seen from my Instagram (@sinfreesophia) I have been working out a hella lot more. My new relationship with the gym has been incredible and I have seen muscles grow in places I never thought I had! Now to maintain this muscle mass I have been searching for the perfect protein blend.  ‘That Protein’ has sent me their new protein powder … Continue reading That Protein tho. 

Naughty but Nice Cream – NEWS ALERT! 

Nice cream is a beautifully simplistic creation that tastes like ice cream, has the same consistency, better flavour yet is completely healthy. And vegan. It’s basically the best thing that happened since espresso machines.  If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years then you won’t have a clue what I’m talking about. So here’s the low down.. nice cream is basically … Continue reading Naughty but Nice Cream – NEWS ALERT! 

No more kissing meaty Chops! 

Vegans and vegetarians can now graze for some ‘veggie-only-love’ with the new dating app ‘Grazer’.  Yes the day has come where we finally have a dating app to meet fellow veggies! This herbivorous app will have you matching with compassionate beings from all over the uk (well 250km from your location).  The age range starts from 18 upwards and you can choose your sexual preference. … Continue reading No more kissing meaty Chops! 

Starbucks Vegan Menu UPDATE 

Last year I published a post on vegan drinks and food available at Starbucks, and now they have added more to the list! Ok they haven’t quite caught up to veggie Pret yet but slowly getting there. (Wouldn’t a veggie Starbucks be amazing?!)  So here’s a quick update on new food items and drinks available for Vegans at Starbucks.  Food:  NEW Kale and jalapeño slaw … Continue reading Starbucks Vegan Menu UPDATE 

Ethical Fashion Event Hits Shoreditch

NEXT WEEK VEVOLUTION BRING VEGAN FASHIONISTAS TO SHOREDITCH FOR SHOWCASE EVENT Since February, Vevolution an events and media startup launched in 2016 have been holding monthly sold-out events at co-working and events space The Trampery in Shoreditch (a great area to be in if you’re all about fashion). I have been to as many as I can and they have all been so inspiring and … Continue reading Ethical Fashion Event Hits Shoreditch

Unicorn Starbucks Drink Recipe

As most of you know I work part time in Starbucks. My coffee addiction became too expensive that I actually had to start working there! (free coffee woo!) Not only that but I am very passionate about coffee, the history, tastings, social aspect, art and experimentation. When I get a free moment I like to try and create drinks that are not on the original … Continue reading Unicorn Starbucks Drink Recipe