Plant Curious Pre-launch 

UK’s first ever plant based recipe box.  Curious about a plant based lifestyle but not quite sure what to eat, or how to find time to get ingredients? Problem solved!!  I recently went to the pre-launch of a company called ‘Plant Curious’. They are pretty similar to ‘Hello Fresh’ and other food box brands however they have one up on everyone else.. they are completely … Continue reading Plant Curious Pre-launch 

That Protein tho. 

As you guys may have seen from my Instagram (@sinfreesophia) I have been working out a hella lot more. My new relationship with the gym has been incredible and I have seen muscles grow in places I never thought I had! Now to maintain this muscle mass I have been searching for the perfect protein blend.  ‘That Protein’ has sent me their new protein powder … Continue reading That Protein tho. 

New Raw Vegan Chocolate!

I was very fortunate to discover and try a new vegan chocolate that totally wowed me, and pretty much all the people who attended Vegan Life Live last month. Octo Chocolate is a fairly new chocolate company based in London. Their products have already hit the shelves of Harrods and online stores and I’m about to tell you why… Octo put immense attention to detail into … Continue reading New Raw Vegan Chocolate!