Unicorn Starbucks Drink Recipe

As most of you know I work part time in Starbucks. My coffee addiction became too expensive that I actually had to start working there! (free coffee woo!) Not only that but I am very passionate about coffee, the history, tastings, social aspect, art and experimentation. When I get a free moment I like to try and create drinks that are not on the original … Continue reading Unicorn Starbucks Drink Recipe

Scrambled tofu has been cracked! 

Many people who transition to veganism know that it’s pretty hard to give up eggs. Like many others, I was brought up on runny egg and soldiers, scrambled eggs, fried eggs..just about every thing to do with eggs. Tofu is great for mimicking an egg and is not only nutritionally better but saves the lives of millions of baby chicks! Yay! Before I tell you … Continue reading Scrambled tofu has been cracked!