Vegan in Paris – Top places to visit

I honestly thought when I booked my tickets for the Lollapalooza festival in Paris it was going to be a nightmare to find vegan eateries… however Paris, you have proved me oh so wrong!  Going on holiday with two of my best vegan friends is honestly the dream, just needed to find the best places to chow down on some good plant based food! So … Continue reading Vegan in Paris – Top places to visit

Eating Vegan in Berlin: Top 10 

Berlin, named the most vegan friendly city in the world! Of course I had to have myself a trip there soley to explore the food choices and to see if all the hype was really true. So we stayed at a hostel I have been to before called ‘the Heart of Gold’. It’s super cheap and offers free tea and coffee and free breakfast if … Continue reading Eating Vegan in Berlin: Top 10 

Top tips for a Vegan Backpacker 

If  you follow any of my social media platforms you’ll know all about my spontaneous jet setting! Since showing people how easy and cheap it can be to travel I am over the moon to hear how I have inspired others to start travelling by themselves. So here’s a few tips to help you on your way! Feel free to leave me a message if … Continue reading Top tips for a Vegan Backpacker