Call for Vegan Artists!

A new exhibition held at The Strand Gallery in London will be featuring vegan related artwork, and there is still time to submit work! Vegan Artists have until the 25th March to submit their work to the Behind Closed Doors Exhibition which will be held in May. You can find the link here: The Strand Gallery is based at 32 John Adam Street, London … Continue reading Call for Vegan Artists!

Starbucks now have Almond Milk! 

After much anticipation starbucks have finally realeased their Almond ‘drink’ (we aren’t officially allowed to call it milk for some peculiar reason). It’s been sitting in the office waiting to be tried till now so I can finally give you the verdict of what it tastes like and if it lives up to our expectations..  *drum roll please* It’s pretty damn good! For a Starbucks … Continue reading Starbucks now have Almond Milk! 

ED Awarness week: Shared stories 

To raise awareness of Eating Disorder week I have collected others experiences of this horrific illness to help people get a better understanding and know that recovery is possible. I have so much love and respect for everyone who has contributed as it takes a lot of courage and bravery to speak so openly about something that has consumed your life. This is the reality … Continue reading ED Awarness week: Shared stories 

Veganism the new Terrorism? 

Militant, extreme, far left.. some of the names I have heard people call vegan activists but terrorists? That’s definitely a new one for me.  When did resistance and compassion become an act of terrorism? I was recently faced with this question after Journalist Joel Day contacted me. I must admit, I was pretty shocked when I heard this but was willing to offer answers to … Continue reading Veganism the new Terrorism? 

New Raw Vegan Chocolate!

I was very fortunate to discover and try a new vegan chocolate that totally wowed me, and pretty much all the people who attended Vegan Life Live last month. Octo Chocolate is a fairly new chocolate company based in London. Their products have already hit the shelves of Harrods and online stores and I’m about to tell you why… Octo put immense attention to detail into … Continue reading New Raw Vegan Chocolate!

HeartCure Re-Launch!

HeartCure Clothings new range launch and exciting first ever Vegan social platform!  Some people may have already heard of HeartCure Clothing after visiting  Vegfest or via their online store, if not then you are in for a new wardrobe refresh!  HeartCure Clothing is the only completely vegan non-profit company, owned by the lovely Georgia and Jordan (honestly one of the nicest couples I know!) All … Continue reading HeartCure Re-Launch!

Eating Vegan in Berlin: Top 10 

Berlin, named the most vegan friendly city in the world! Of course I had to have myself a trip there soley to explore the food choices and to see if all the hype was really true. So we stayed at a hostel I have been to before called ‘the Heart of Gold’. It’s super cheap and offers free tea and coffee and free breakfast if … Continue reading Eating Vegan in Berlin: Top 10 

Let’s get topical.. Vevolution release new education events! 

LET’S GET TOPICAL. Vevolution announce monthly vegan education events here in London starting this February! The vegan momentum in London continues to build as Vevolution releases a new series of monthly vegan events. As you may remember me mentioning, last November vegan education and technology company Vevolution held Europe’s biggest ever vegan conference (which I attended and can vouch for!) Today they announced a new … Continue reading Let’s get topical.. Vevolution release new education events!